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The tendency for psychological imprints to invade our current lives can be seen

in old, seemingly intractable habit patterns that cause problems for us and for those in relationship with us. As mindfulness identifies and allows us to be with our experience, therapy helps break the old habit patterns and points us in the direction of change.


People often come to therapy feeling broken, wounded or hopelessly flawed. The causes for our problems are a combination of temperamental, biological, environmental, historical and development factors. We often think, “I should be able to solve this on my own,” but in truth, none of us live in isolation. We need others to help us grow, develop and mature. Therapy creates a unique environment wherein one is allowed to explore, experiment and experience themselves openly, in compassionate and non-judgemental relationship to another who helps clarify, guide and redirect us in appropriate ways.

My Approach: Flexible, Compassionate and Client-Centered


We start by trying to understand the root of your complaint, where the problem came from, what it is all about, how it effects you and how it effects those around you. Insight is essential, but that is only the first step. Understanding the problem, we still must know what to do. Mindfulness is the foundation of any investigation into what is happening in our lives. It also creates the room to recognize we have more choices, but we then must learn what is the most skillful means for making change.


I use multiple modalities to help clients recognize and free themselves from old habit patterns. Just as no two people are alike, there is no single approach for everyone. I am adept at working with people at various levels, depending on their need.

Finding the right therapist is an important decision. Research shows that working with the right therapist is essential to any helping relationship in establishing safety and trust. If you do not feel confident and secure with your therapist, you may have difficulty discovering what is troubling you and then lack confidence in making the changes that will improve your life.


I help clients with a variety of problems. One of my specialities is helping people recover from trauma (PTSD), physical and emotional abuse and from childhood sexual abuse. I also specialize in addictions, most notably helping people involved in 12-Step who can benefit from professional support. Family members of people struggling with addictions can also benefit from my services. Couples counseling is another of my focuses and is a powerful means for two people to work on their relationship problems while exploring their own lives at the same time. I also help people with problems related to anxiety and depression, low self-esteem, stress and grief.


Whatever your problem or concern, we can work together to help find meaning in your life.

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