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Mark Rinzan Pechovnik LCSW

Clear, calm and non-judgmental awareness of thoughts, emotions and physical presence are the foundations of a mindful approach to healing. As a clinician, I place great emphasis on creating a trusting environment where the mindful exploration of one’s life, both today and in the past, can take place with ease and comfort. I want us to work together to uncover the places where life seems stuck and unfulfilling or downright painful. Through the skillful means of multiple therapeutic tools, we will untangle your old habit patterns – whether they be old stories, emotional baggage, blocked places in body awareness, repetitive relational interactions or spiritual crisis – freeing the heart, body and mind and allowing for the true expression of your unimpeded self.


I have experience working with adults, couples, adolescents and families. I work with a wide array of complaints with emphasis on post traumatic stress disorder, childhood trauma, sexual abuse, anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, and recovery from addictions. Primarily utilizing a mindfulness based psychodynamic approach to therapy, I incorporate elements of multiple therapy modalities as is appropriate and needed. As well as being a clinical social worker, I am an experienced drug and alcohol counselor with great respect for and knowledge of the 12-Step recovery process.


I have worked in the helping services since 1991 and earned my masters of social work from Portland State University in 2007. In my capacity as a helping professional, I have worked in various mental health fields including mental health outpatient clinics, community mental health, drug and alcohol agencies, and correctional institutions. I began meditating as a teenager, and have been engaged in formal Zen practice for over a decade and am ordained as a priest in the Rinzai Zen tradition.

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